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Internet Advertising

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Nowadays Internet advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertisement as it allows targeting large audience by relatively small advertising budget.

We offer the following types of Internet Advertising:

  • Contextual advertising on Google Ads
  • Remarketing by Google
  • Banner advertising on Armenian websites
  • Banner advertising on,
  • Advertising on social networks - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vkontakte
  • Video advertising on YouTube

Contextual advertising

In case of contextual advertising an ad is shown to the visitor on websites, if the ad’s topic is relevant to the overall context of the website (the visited website) on search engines, Google, Yandex (the search engine on which the visitor conducts the search), if the ad’s topic is relevant to the context of the search inquiry.

Remarketing by Google

Remarketing is a type of Google Ads contextual advertising. In case of remarketing the ad is shown on various websites only to those visitors who at least once visited our website during the last few months but did not visit the page we needed (E.g. purchase or purchase application page). It can be stated that through remarketing ad we "persecute" the visitors interested in our proposal. The aim of remarketing is to bring potential customers back to the website.

Banner Advertising on Armenian websites

Banner ad is shown on the websites which have advertising platforms, mostly in the form of animated banners. "Dimark" cooperates with a range of Armenian news, informative websites and offers installation of banner ads on these websites which constantly have large number of visits. In case of banner advertising price can be calculated per time period (months) or per number of banners shown.

Advertising on social networks

The ads is posted on social networks - Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook ads is characterized by wide options of targeting. The target of the ads can be chosen according to the country, age, gender, interests etc. This type of ads contains photo, title and text.

Video advertising on YouTube

We offer effective video advertising campaigns on, most popular video streaming website.
"Dimark" team has all the necessary skills and experience to create effective advertising campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook, YouTube, Yandex Direct, platforms.

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